Influence Warfare
(INW11) Social Media and the Brain

(INW11) Social Media and the Brain

November 21, 2022

0:00 - limits of analysis of social media opinions

4:00 - limits of blind disinformation to affect the mind

8:54 - five new pillars of disinformation:

1) engage prefrontal cortex as little as possible

2) master platforms

3) exploit conspiracy-theory phenomena

4) target subconscious

5) target limbic system (especially outrage and trust)



(INW9) Social and Political Tribalism
(INW6) Influence Tradecraft

(INW6) Influence Tradecraft

September 27, 2022

Consonance: Identify stabilizing civil-society/governance networks whose goals are in consonance with those of the United States.

Resonance: Subtly/silently/invisibly/distantly enable/leverage/strengthen/amplify consonant networks.

(INW7) Influence Tools and Networks

(INW7) Influence Tools and Networks

September 25, 2022

Tools, networks, ways, and means are taught through case study summaries.

  1. Soviet dissidents' 'glasnost' campaigns
  2. Genghis Khan's 'szalámitaktika' campaigns
  3. Harriet Tubman's leveraging of U.S. Army
  4. British support of Arab revolt (WWI)
  5. Kaiser's support of Lenin (WWI)
(INW5) Influence Strategy

(INW5) Influence Strategy

September 24, 2022

1. Reflexive control: Influence an adversary to want to make decisions designed by the protagonist--without adversary being aware of manipulation.
2. Zugzwang: German. Zug: to move. Zwang: compulsion. Compel a target's countermove that will weaken the target's position (target subverts itself).  
3. Telemachus: Greek. Warfare from afar--conducting influence from another country or continent.
4. Slow burn: Thousand subtle pricks. Each disparate tactic is indirect, subtle, unthreatening--unlikely raise alarms. In its totality, there are eventually strategic effects.
5. Stealth/deception: Because influence is by definition indirect and insensible, deception and stealth are often vital to successful influence.

Narrative Warfare

Narrative Warfare

September 23, 2022
  1. first and flood
  2. 'dietrologia' (Italian for search for forces behind events--also further reflects on 'saudade' from last week)
  3. 'glasnost'
  4. trust building
  5. visa programs (for subtle amplification and growing of followers of fellow-traveler influencers)
  6. trust warfare (science and medicine)
  7. astroturfing
  8. entryism (in reference to a supposed Trotskyism tactic)
  9. induce reckless success (stretch the enemy thin through false narratives that they are 'doing' better than they actually are)
  10. weaponized translation (to better reach audiences in authoritarian states, sometimes)
Introduction to Information Warfare Strategy
Communications and Persuasion (AY2023)
Ch`i and Metis (AY2023SLFC21)

Ch`i and Metis (AY2023SLFC21)

July 17, 2022

LLOs, discussion in plenary, seminars.

Narrative and Warfare (AY2023SLFC20)

Narrative and Warfare (AY2023SLFC20)

July 17, 2022

LLOs, discussions in plenary, seminars.

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